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Handyman Maidstone team is great support for the local community in Maidstone City. The local handyman is committed and professional. We do our best to deliver work on the same day.

Handyman Maidstone specialise in handyman jobs like kitchen installation, carpentry, and bathroom renovations. Handyman has built a great reputation and a list of loyal customers based in this area by consistently giving satisfaction-guaranteed services and outstanding results. 

Handyman provides services in Maidstone and near the area, providing a comprehensive handyman service that includes property maintenance, everything from major bathroom or kitchen installs to minor jobs. 

Don’t wait and contact a specialist and find eventually a reliable maintenance man that will help you with all odd jobs that require a helping hand.

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Full List of services

Get Things Done Same Day Every Day

• Change sink taps
• Fix water leaks
• Replace ball valves
• Install washing machines & Dryers
• Fit an outside tap
• Replace light switches
• Replace sockets
• Fit a door bell
• Install smoke detectors
• Install Burglar Alarms
• Install security lights
• Tiling
• Plastering
• Repair wall cracks
• Replace tile grout
• Reseal Kitchens, showers and bathrooms

• Fit new kitchen doors
• Install Shelves
• Assemble flat pack furniture
• Erect a shed
• Power washing
• Repairs to gates and fencing
• Landlord property maintenance
• Commercial property maintenance
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Roofing
• Kitchen Fitting
• Bathroom Fitting
• Decorating
• Laminate Wood Floors

• Re-Seal Baths and Showers
• Toilet repair
• Waste Disposals
• Install Sockets and Lights
• Rental Property Maintenance
• Repairs
• Painting
• Gardens
• Bathrooms
• Kitchens
• Wood Floors
• Doors
• Locks
• Storage Solutions
• Dyson Vacuum Repairs

• Bath Screens
• Blind Fitting
• LCD Tv’s
• Hang Pictures/Mirrors
• TV & Audio Installation
• Wall mount TV
• General Maintenance
• Wall & Floor tiling
• Replacing guttering, fascias and soffits
• Replacing roof tiles / cement
• Installing / replace smoke detectors
• Boarding out lofts and installing loft ladders
• Hanging pictures and mirrors
• Fitting extractor fans
• Install / replace ceiling fans

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Handyman Maidstone Services Available

• Tiling – We can tile your kitchen splashback or an entire bathroom, and we can tile flooring throughout your home to an exceptionally high standard.

• Cat flap fitter – We can install any style of cat or dog flap on any wall, door, or glass panel. installation of a dog flap

• Curtain rail fitting and picture hanging – From enormous mirrors to bathroom units and curtain rails, we have hung, installed, and fitted it all. We also install all types of blinds and curtains, as well as photographs and shelves. a safe and secure installation solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

• Floor fitting – We have extensive expertise installing many varieties of flooring, including solid wood, laminate, vinyl, and tiled floors. We take pleasure in offering a first-class service in all elements of the work we complete to your exact specifications.

Painting and Decorating – Qualified painters and decorators will convert your home from dreary and lifeless to bright and modern. They are skilled in all aspects of decorating, including painting both inside and out, wallpaper peeling, wall preparation, and wallpaper hanging.

Gardening – We love gardening here at “Hands – On” handyman Maidstone, and we take great delight in all of our work, whether it’s pruning hedges, digging out borders, or mowing lawns. If you require frequent trimming or turf installation, we can assist you in achieving your ideal landscape.

• Furniture assembly –Let us make sense of those complicated poorly written instructions, let us get rid of the mounds of trash left over, let us position and secure your furniture or flat pack wherever you want it. We may dig the foundations for a shed or gazebo, then erect it, coat it with wood protectant, and leave it for you to enjoy.

• Flagging and Patios – This is truly one of our specialties; working with one of the Northwest’s greatest stonemasons, we can construct breathtaking landscapes out of any sort of stone, brick, flagstone, or other material. We are thrilled to state that in our many years of creating gorgeous feature walls and garden mosaic patios, we have never had anything but happy customers, consistently exceeding their expectations.

• TV wall mounting – whatever size We can fit any size TV to any wall in your house, making your wall mounted TV look beautiful. Having installed hundreds of TVs in the past, we know how to best fit TVs to different wall types, using unique fixings guaranteeing us and you that your bracket and TV are not going anywhere.

• Fencing – Let us offer you an estimate if you want a border fence around your yard or a 6ft overlap panel fence to keep those prying eyes out. Not only are we competitive, but we also provide a complete fencing solution for your house or garden, with quality as standard.

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Repairing & Maintaining Your Home

5 Reason Why You Should Hire a Handyman

In reality, you cannot neglect your home’s upkeep. I understand that it is tedious and tedious, but it is necessary in order to maintain the quality and worth of your home. Furthermore, if you do not maintain your home, it will lose value. Sooner and more consistently can help you save money and increase the value of your home since when something goes wrong, you need to remedy it as soon as possible. I imagine you spent a lot on your property (and your mortgage), therefore this isn’t an option, but rather a need.

Here are some of my top tips for repairing and maintaining the systems and fixtures in your home:

First and foremost, you are the master of your domain. It implies that you must exert control over the majority of circumstances. Plumbing valves and electrical breakers are two locations to keep an eye on. Please check those two points of control right now because you will need them one day, and when you do, you will need to know where they are and how they work in order to quickly control the current situation.

Smoke detectors are one of the most important safety precautions to take right now. Because you’ve never used them, don’t assume everything is fine. Check them at least once a year to determine if they are still functional. They may become clogged at times, and you will need to clean them. I’m hoping you have smoke detectors installed. It is quite beneficial, particularly if you have children. Extinguishers should be kept near your rooms and in your kitchen.

As we’ve seen before, water in the wrong area or uneven electricity flows are not to be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, therefore you must be aware of your appliances’ and systems’ life cycles. You know that if you do nothing, your castle will one day be a ruin, and little home upgrades will become a nightmare and a significant expense. For example, your roof is designed to endure twenty years. A carpet that is eight years old. A refrigerator that is fifteen years old. The paint, for example, has a four-year warranty. Plumbing has been installed for 25 years, and electrical wiring has been installed for 20 years. Those are critical facts to consider, and you must keep them up to date and fix them on a regular basis.

If you have low funds, a home warranty can actually assist you to maintain and repairing numerous systems in your home. If you buy a house, do it for a year, and if your house is ancient, do it for a year since you know the life cycle isn’t limitless.

To do the job yourself, invest in a serious and dependable toolbox. And if you don’t know anything, you can usually find a nearby workshop, some of which are free, to learn the basics. If you don’t have any money, take the time to learn some skills because hiring a professional handyman can be quite costly. Learn how to replace a broken window, tighten screws, stop a running toilet, replace tile grout, and clean.

Keep the business cards of referred contractors and handyman services on hand because, believe me, when an emergency arises, you will need something serious and honest to remedy the problem without breaking the bank. This is a critical point to remember. In some cases, inquire around you.

Make a tiny budget for yourself.

Free Web Content designed specifically for house upkeep to swiftly cover any unforeseen decline or break.

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a few house projects on your to-do list that you haven’t gotten around to yet. Because completing those chores could take months or years, why not hire someone to do it for you? Here are five good reasons to engage a handyman to assist you:

1. Effectiveness
A handyman has considerable knowledge with a wide range of domestic activities, including everything from hanging art to installing a washing machine to repairing a toilet. If you attempted to accomplish any of those jobs on your own, you would have to spend time both studying and completing the activity, which may require a few hours of your day


2. Work of Exceptional Quality

Because you are not a professional, even if you do a work yourself, such as touching up the paint on your door frames, there is no assurance that you will be satisfied with the results. It’s possible that you’ll miss a few locations or wind up with sloppy edges. You can relax knowing the job is in the hands of a qualified expert if you hire an experienced handyman to paint the door frames for you.

 3. Protection

Some household tasks, such as collecting leaves from the gutter or changing light bulbs on a high ceiling, might be hazardous. Attempting to complete the job yourself could result in serious injury if your ladder falls or you lose your footing.

4. The cost of employing a handyman

If the expense of hiring a handyman is your primary concern, you should reconsider. Most handymen charge low prices, and because they work quickly, you should never have to pay for more than a couple of hours at a time. Bringing in a handyman may also save you money in the long run, as he or she may make minor repairs now, preventing problems from becoming worse–and more expensive to fix–later.


5. Risk Free

Hiring a handyman through a reputable company should be virtually risk-free. The majority of organizations offer a quality guarantee, are insured and bonded, and require that the work be completed in a timely manner.

Handyman Maidstone

Why Us?

Easy call & scheduling

One time arrival & completion

A wide range of repair, maintenance, & repair services are available.

Quality work

We guarantee to clean up once we finish.

Handyman in Maidstone is your one-stop shop for all of your home repair and maintenance requirements. Our technicians are properly insured and dressed in uniform. We arrive in uniform and a clearly marked vehicle with all of the necessary tools to complete the job correctly.

Our Handyman technicians are highly trained craftsmen with an average of many years in the industry. We’re home repair and improvement professionals who are known for the high quality of our work and professional dependability, so you can be assured that the task will be completed accurately and efficiently.

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